The land of all things sparkly and yummy!

I went to Hong Kong with some relatives during the long weekend last August 26-30, 2011 (Friday – Tuesday). We grabbed this chance to travel abroad because we’ve been working endlessly! Of course, going to Hong Kong means shopping, food tripping and visiting Disneyland! Every person who grew up with Disney should visit Disneyland once (or more) in their lifetime! 🙂

We lived in Marco Polo Prince Hotel just beside the Marco Polo Gateway Hotel and mall which is somewhat near the Tsim Sha Tsui (the RED line). I used my MINI Octopus key chain to pay. There are actually two ways to ride the MTR going to HK Disneyland.

1.) Ride from Tsim Sha Tsui (RED line-going up) until Lai King. Then transfer to the YELLOW line, until you reach Sunny Bay. From there ride the HK Disneyland MTR (PINK line)!

2.) Ride from Tsim Sha Tsui (RED line-going down) until Central. Then transfer to the YELLOW line, until you reach Sunny Bay. From there ride the HK Disneyland MTR (PINK line)!

Note: Way #1 has more stops, so your trip may take a little bit longer than the other one.

You’ll definitely know you’re going to Disneyland because of how the train looks like! Mickey Mouse plus other cute figurines inside! 🙂 During that time, A LOT of tourists and locals were there! Since classes opens in September (in some countries), parents took time out to bring their children to Disneyland.

This huge sign welcomed us.

Oooops! Don’t forget to BUY tickets or else you cannot enter! HAHA.

For one day ticket, General Admission ticket for ages 12-64 costs HK $ 399. Child ticket – ages 3-11 costs HK $ 285. Tax added! 

Mickey desgin

People lining up to have their picture taken with Minnie and Mickey mouse! Oh, and the HOT weather that reaches 37 degrees Celcius! *owwww*

Riding the train to see some views of the Jungle with animals, though most of the time all we could see were trees!!! Wished this train could bring us around to see the whole HK Disneyland.

Where our train stopped: FANTASYLAND! So cute and colorful! I love the view of the mountains at the back! It feels so peaceful! 🙂

Food stalls in the sidewalks selling hotdogs, corns and of course, juices and water for the HOT weather!!!! *whew*

I love entering each and every shop in Disneyland! Loving the aircon inside! haha! And the countless stuff toys, figurines, pens, cookies, key chains, shirts, bags, practically everything that you can buy as “pasalubong” (it’s like a coming home gift :P)

Presenting my collection! I mean, Disney’s collection!!!! WOW Cutie Patoooie!!!! ❤

When I was a little child I love Winne the Pooh! I love everything with Winnie the Pooh! Visiting this store brings back a lot of good memories! ❤ i loooove Hunny!

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” 
                                                                                                             — Winnie the Pooh

Cute character pens! Good for “pasalubong”

Some people call me SNOW WHITE because of my fair complexion. I’ve never worn a Snow White costume and dreamed of having one in the future. Here I was trying to pose for a souvenir. Maybe I could dress as Snow White this coming Halloween. What do you think? *booyahh* 😉

Enjoying my journey to the future! MORE TRAVELS please!!!! Sponsor me! hehe 🙂


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