A taste of Japanese

As always, I love eating at Japanese restaurants and when we visted TANABE again last night, I took the opportunity to take photos of their delicious food.

The japanese tea was first served to us when we were ordering from the menu.

Next, the yummy appetizers I look forward to: Small fried anchovies or “Dilis” with sesame seeds and the cold tofu (which replaced the cold bean sprouts). Before, they served cold bean sprouts with sesame seeds which is my favorite. 

The mixed salad

Tempura fish ordered by my cousin

Japanese fried rice. It looks so delicious!!!
Grilled Salmon with fried garlic

Cold shakes! Cookies and Cream and Pandan Green Tea (currently my fave!)

NOMNOMNOM.  drool worthy! 😀


3 thoughts on “A taste of Japanese

  1. Wow Malate. I’ve always thought about having a bite there but my budget won’t let me. Now your shots put me there in the first person. Grrrreat shots Sarah

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