Today is 11.11.11 and thank God it’s friday! 🙂 

What did I do today? Hmmmm…Just a normal day.

  • I woke up around 5am to prepare for work.
  • I ate oatmeal with KokoCrunch (choco&vanilla) for breakfast.
  • My car almost ran out of gas, so I headed to the nearest gas station to fuel up.
  • I went to work around 7: 10am. EARLY!
  • Let my students watch dvds, while me and my co-teacher cleaned the tables. (yeah we do this too)
  • Taught my students about PET and FARM animals.
  • Gave Animal biscuits seaweeds flavor as their prize. (oh they love it so much, they wanted more!)
  • Played the piano. *ting tong ting tong*
  • Texted with my friends
  • Chatted with my high school friend
  • Was busy helping the kids in daycare that I forgot to make a wish around 11:11 am! GAAAAAAH. hehehe T.T 
  • Remembered that I should make a wish … around 12: 35pm. WHAT.
  • Ate Aristocrat’s famous BBQ Chicken with Java rice for lunch.
  • After lunch, I feel SO SLEEPY. -___-
  • Went to my graduate school to enroll. And YES! I am officially enrolled for the 2nd semester! YAY. =D
  • I went to Starbucks to order my favorite drink… BUT there’s so many people! @_@
  • I went to Burger King instead, and ordered Mushroom Swiss with onion rings and Sprite Float. YUM. 🙂
  • Went home, watched tv.. and ate sushi. hahaha.
  • Read my Bible.
  • SO SLEEPY. I think I won’t be able to wait until 11:11pm.. gaaaah..
  • Will post photos of this day, SOON.
  • ZzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzz.. -___- sweet dreams!

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