Balay Indang in Nature

Our Tuesday Bible group fellowship went to Balay Indang to have our retreat. “Balay” meaning house or “bahay” in Ilokano. “Indang” is a place located in CaviteBalay Indang is a retreat house and a quiet get-away  for  people who wanted to be far away from the city. No noise, no pollution. 🙂 

The front entrance to Balay Indang

The lobby where visitors can stay and relax while waiting. 

Me and my friends enjoying the nice lighting.

An old and rustic design with Bali and Chinese influence. 

The dining hall’s ceiling!  Picture frames hanging on the ceiling! Very creative!

A big mirror is also above us!

Meal are served 5 times a day — breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. Balay Indang meals usually starts with green salad or soup, that came from their own garden. Then it’s followed by the main dish of either fish, chicken, adobo or their special “embutido” or  Filipino meatloaf. 

Each room has a name. We got “ELIZABETH”

Our room..Simply beautiful! Spanish style! 

We couldn’t resist taking a photo of the bed too! 

Time for a swim! Perfect for the hot sunny weather! 

Instructed my friend to use this colorful umbrella! 

Different masks hanging outside Balay Indang

As you wander along the garden, you’ll see a “kalesa” complete with two horses! Hiyaaah! 

Balay Indang has lots of hiding places! Lots of trees and plants cover other houses especially this Watch Tower we saw far behind our cottage.

Inside the watch tower

Discovered some weird plants/flowers there too! What is this??

One of the pathway to our cottage! So nice and quiet!

I love it here!

Spend time with nature! Far away from the busy city life!


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