Cafe De Coral, Hong Kong

I’m loving my Café de Coral experience in Hong Kong! The delicious and yummy foods just makes me want to come back for more! Stayed in Marco Polo Gateway hotel and every morning I would eat my breakfast here in Café de Coral restaurant (same building as the shopping mall) Totally loving the food here! ❤

Café de Coral is the largest Chinese fast food brand in Hong Kong. It was established in 1968 and operates more than 100 self-service fast food restaurants in the territory.

Café de Coral‘s menu is specially designed to meet the tastes and budgets of their customers, with over 100 items on their menu list on any one day, and are regularly rotated to maintain variety of choices. Standard menus range from western cuisine to traditional Chinese dishes. YUM YUM!!!! ❤

When you enter the restaurant, you choose from a variety of choices from their menu (above). Then pay at the cashier. You can pay using your Octopus card or cash. I like their uniforms too. So fashionable. :p

Then wait in line for your order here. FAST food indeed!

My scrumptious dinner! Oh by the way, they have different varieties during breakfast, lunch and dinner. So you have to come back 3 times a day. lol :p

Early morning breakfast.

During my first visit here, I had a hard time choosing what to order because I wanted everything! hahaha! It took me around 20 minutes to decide on what to eat. That’s why I had to come back again to order the others. Mmmmm…never mind DIET. 🙂 


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