St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

I was so excited to visit the St. Paul’s Cathedral here in London. Here I am, posing happily at one of the entrance. St Paul’s is the cathedral of the Diocese of London. The Diocese is made up of five episcopal areas: Willesden, Edmonton, Stepney, London and Kensington. St Paul’s is London’s cathedral and embodies the spiritual life and heritage of the British people.  Cathedrals serve a wide community. A cathedral houses the seat – or in Latin, cathedra – of the bishop, making it a centre for Christian worship and teaching, and the Christian mission.

Tourists snapping away! The bus is so cute and colorful! 🙂

Me and the tall St. Paul statue in gold.

This is the west front of St Paul’s is dominated by a triangular relief depicting the conversion of the cathedral’s patron saint to Christianity. Above it stands the figure of St Paul himself, flanked by other apostles and the four evangelists.

As the nation’s church, St Paul’s has also been the site of state funerals of British military leaders, including Admiral Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington and of the wartime Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.

I just had to take this photo. Someone left an apple! Was it Snow White’s? 

The statue of Queen Anne that stands in front of St Paul’s. Anne was the reigning monarch at the time of the cathedral’s completion.

Tourists of all ages. Children having their field trips, teens hanging out, families gathered together etc. This was taken during lunch time, so almost everyone was sitting down at the Cathedral steps and munching on their food. Nomnomnom.

Starbuck’s Coffee just beside the Cathedral. Of course, I went in and ordered my favorite White Chocolate Mocha. :p

I LOVE this shot! It captured The St. Paul’s Cathedral dome and the RED telephone booth! However, I discovered that this booth is just for display and cannot be used anymore because … well, if you want to know visit this booth at the back of the Cathedral and open it *wink*

View of St. Paul’s Cathedral near the Millennium Bridge. 🙂

More about St. Paul’s Cathedral, visit:


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