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Here’s RIBE Brasserie Cafe and Restaurant located near my hotel and the Eiffel Tower.

Almost all cafes and restaurants in Paris are facing the streets. So when I stayed in Paris, I made sure to eat at their cafe’s / restraurants along the streets!  It’s been their practice for a long time.  You sit outside the cafe,  “watch people” and eat your lunch.  It’s nice to observe different kinds of people once in a while. 🙂

I advise you to eat slowly and observe. It’s fun and relaxing!:)

This is me with the waitress! She’s so friendly! Thank you for being kind! She really made sure my Parisian Food Adventure is unforgettable. YUP, unforgettable moment: I WAS SO FULL.  In return I gave her a big tip! 🙂

I chose Les Formules Du Ribe wherein I could choose 1 Entrée + 1 Plat + 1 Dessert: 

Ohhhh.. french bread to start…

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