SUMMER IS HERE! Splash Island Adventure

The year it opened I was there. The year after I was also there.. for around 5 years! BUT It’s been years (9 years I think!) since I’ve been to Splash Island Spa and Resort.This year 2012 is a good one! I was able to visit SPLASH ISLAND again! Oh the excitement and joy that we had! Let me take you to a photo tour.:)

Hello! That’s me on the far right! 🙂


The Philippine’s Number 1 Water Adventure Park. 

This big sign greets everyone outside the entrance near the parking area.

Splash Island Map. Make sure to view this so you’ll get to your desired location faster plus you won’t get lost. :p

Wondering where to put your bags? They have Locker Rentals! P100 each locker. The lockers were kinda small though, but if you got big bags, you could rent a big crate for P300 – good for around 7 bags or more depending on the size.

If you just want to relax and float away, Balsa River is the place for you. Drift along this gently flowing river.

Pick an “inner tube” / life saver or rubbler” balsa and float away.

Make sure to put lots of sunblock because  you’ll be out with the sun for a loooong ride around the island!

Big Bam Boo. The bamboo is a straight, tall and hollow treelike plant abundant in the Philippines.The Big Bam Boo in Splash Island is a covered tunnel rid that slides straight into pure excitement!

The Big Bam Boo and Twisted Palms.  

Looks like number 8. Lucky 8.

Big waves are exactly what you get at Agos Grandes.  With machine-generated waves, this one-of-a-kind pool allows you to completely immerse yourself and go with the tide.

FOR KIDS ONLY? NOT! Wahoo.  That’s a kind of tropical fish.  Wahoo! Now, that’s your kind of tropical fun!  This interactive kiddie pool will delight every little boy and girl with innovative water play activities.

Until now, I’m still delighted with Water Wahoo. TIP: If you want FREE water back massage, this is the place to be! Check out the adults in the photo! haha. 😛

Splash Island now offers Look Young Forever -Lyf Center Spa. Feel the relaxation after the long hours of adventure in the island. 🙂

Splash Island Spa & Resort is located at Southwoods Ecocentrum Binan, Laguna Philippines. It’s under new management by Global Gutz Parks Philippines, Inc. 🙂


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