Philippines: FLOOD ALERT!

It’s raining non-stop in the Philippines! a lot of roads are not passable to all types of vehicles already! some places are waist deep, worst – houses submerged in water. people living in those areas were forced to evacuate. a lot are still stranded and waiting for the rescue teams.

everyone is praying and hoping this won’t be Ondoy part 2 which happened last 2009.

be safe everyone.  governemnt offices, schools are suspended already. its up to the private companies if they will suspend the work of their employees.

the DAMS are releasing waters already coz its over flowing!!!

thank you for our news reporters for faithfully doing their jobs even if they have to wade the floods, and get wet.

PHOTOS I took awhile ago.

People stranded. YOU SHALL NOT PASS.

The small jeep behind!!! OH MY. Goodbye

Stay Safe everyone! God bless. #PrayforthePhilippines


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