Twister craze! Happy tummy!

Twister fries is back in Manila! I heard it’ll be around for three weeks! THREE WEEKS? *jaw drops*  Can we have it forever??? Well what did I do? of course, I quickly headed to McDonald’s to buy twister fries!!! I’ve been buying this for the past week!  It really tastes so yummy! You have to quickly eat it while it’s still hot and crispy and match it with their Heinz ketchup.. ohhh sooo goood!!! 😀

Before gobbling everything up (yeah i, I just can’t resist taking photos of it, plus sharing it on INSTAGRAM too! Twister fries goes viral in instagram for days now since everyone’s posting THE FAMOUS TWISTER FRIES 🙂

Ordered TWO twister fries, but the Mcdonald’s lady gave me THREE instead!! Paid the three and shared it with the family!

Some people called this:

a) CURLY fries

b) TWIRLS (kinda cute though :P)

c) TWIRLY fries

d) CIRCLY fries (lol)

DROOL WORTHY. Let’s take a closer look. Yup. Looks tasty all right. 🙂

Cant. get. enough. Love ko ‘to! ❤ 

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Photos by: Sarah May Tanhuanco


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