Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines


How is everyone doing?
One of the strongest typhoon in the world has made its landfall in the Visayas region (Leyte, Cebu, Bohol, Samar, Mindoro etc) and also have been felt in different parts of Luzon and Mindanao. Signal number #4 (which is unlikely to happen) was raised in the different provinces and cities in Visayas. The past few days, government mayors and other leaders were quick to inform the people about the super typhoon and asked those living near the soon-to-be affected areas  to evacuate and stay in assigned evacuation centers. Luckily, people obediently followed the instructions and were safe in the evacuation centers.

Tonight, the local tv news reported that Visayas region are experiencing problems with cellphone signals which is according to the big telecommunication companies – Suncellular, Smart and Globe and most regions have no electric powers. A lot of domestic flights have been cancelled and stranded passengers have no choice but to stay and wait.

It’s been raining hard in Metro Manila right now, and thankfully, I’m safe here at home. Hopefully, no floods will occur and this nightmare will stop soon.

May we continue to pray for Philippines. Let’s pray for the safety of each and eveyone of us.  God hears our prayers. Have faith. Trust in Him.
*During times like these, we are given the opportunity to think and reflect on how we used the natural resources God has given us, did we use it wisely or kept on throwing trash everywhere, cutting trees and not planting new ones? We cannot always blame nature for these catastrophes..humans need to take appropriate actions too. Let’s be good stewards of God’s creation. *

Be safe everyone!




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