Back to my first favorite sport


This is my favorite sport since I was a toddler: basketball!! 😍 i got into different sports such as tennis, swimming, volleyball (they say its not good for a pianist’s wrist so I stopped), skating, table tennis etc. but still.. Basketball has a special place in my heart. I even had my own cute little basketball ring strapped on a doorknob when I was around 2 years old! ( i think Toy manufacturers back then didn’t have the cute basketball ring for kids yet.. So my mom made me one! Yay. 👏)

I started seriously playing basketball when I was in my elementary years. Represented my batch ( miss the whole team) to play against other batch. They said it’s a man’s game but who cares? I love basketball as much as watching it LIVE or on tv.

We even got our own basketball ring outside our backyard! Loving it! 👍

So here’s a picture of me with my score: 143 (i love you?❤️ yes im not quite satisfied with my score) at the Shakeys arcade. Enjoyed playing this game a lot. Hopefully my score will get higher and beat that top scorer. Rawr! 🐯Haha.

SarahMay 🌸


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