Cherry blossoms 

Lovely cherry blossoms in my recent travel to Hokkaido, Japan. 😍💕🌸 

They are just too beautiful 🌸😍 
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Everland Resort: Flower garden and Safari World

Everland Resort is one of the must-see places when you visit South Korea. It’s like a magical world for you and your family:  full of beautiful flowers in bloom, colorful houses, cute characters roaming around, exciting rides and shows plus wild animals in close-up view!

I’m very happy to see lots of tulips everywhere! We don’t have tulips in the Philippines because of the HOT weather! Sometimes it even reaches up to 35 degrees Celcius! Talk about body temperature!

Whatcha doin’??

\SAFARI WORLD. Ride the bus and you’re ready to go!


Very active bear. He was showing us a sample of his martial art skills!

He was listening to our bus driver giving him instructions while STANDING! 🙂

Photography by: Sarah May Tanhuanco