Manila Bay’s picturesque sunset

After watching Ballet Philippine’s SWAN LAKE at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, I chose to eat dinner at a restaurant near the Manila Bay.

Lo and behold, the sun was playful and showed its glory in bright orange hues! I was simply in awe! This is God’s majestic creation and I’m so blessed that I was able to capture this special moment. ❤

“Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your  (God) wonders. From where the sun rises to where it sets, You inspire shouts of joy.”

PSALM 65:8


Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. 


Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us!


When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the Creator. 


Genesis 1:14-15 New International Version (NIV)

14 And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years, 15 and let them be lights in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth.” And it was so.

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful sunset!

Have a blessed day everyone! 🙂

Hotel review: Diary of Taipei – Taipei Station Branch

Hello friends! I am back! Sorry it took so long. Anyway, check out my review and tell me what you think. Enjoy! 🙂

I was looking for a triple bedroom at, and stumbled upon this hotel. First, I checked out the room photos and it looked nice. Second, I typed my preferred dates and it was available! Third, they had breakfast included in the triple bedroom.

The Introduction

The moment we entered the hotel lobby, Mandarin-speaking staff greeted us. I could only understand basic Mandarin so my friend helped me talk to the staff. I think some staff could understand Basic English too.

Check-in Time was around 3 in the afternoon but since we arrived way too early – at around 12noon, we left our luggage near the dining area (they will give you a small paper that you need to present in order to claim your luggage afterwards) and headed out for lunch (Din Tai Fung! Wait for my next review)


Nope, these luggages weren’t ours. HAHA.. hmmm, come to think of it, I wasn’t able to take a decent luggage photo. XD


The lobby was quite small but well lit and clean. It has a small circular cushion or sofa for 4-5 guests to sit on. It has two elevators on the right side of the hotel reception for easy access.

The Location

The hotel was just a 5-minute walk to Z10 MRT exit, though you still need to walk for around 15 minutes to reach the underground train station. No worries though, you can check out a lot of stores while walking underground.

Some stores around the hotel area: 7-Eleven convenient store, Starbucks

From Z6 MRT exit, you’ll find H&M, and near the area Mc Donalds and Uniqlo.

From M8 MRT exit, there’s TIM HO WAN (dimsum overload!) and Pablo’s Cheesecake (with no long lines!)

The Room

They gave us a quadruple room instead of a triple bedroom. So nice and generous of the hotel! J The room was small but very clean. It has a table near the door, a mini refrigerator, and a TV. I liked the ambiance and the lights were all working fine. Each queen size bed had four pillows each! So we had eight pillows in total! It was great! The pillows were fluffy and the bed was just right. We had a good night’s rest because of it. Except when your neighbors slam their door without holding the doorknob.


The Bathroom

The bathroom was small but the shower is oh-so powerful! I wished to have more time spent in the shower; it feels like I was being massaged at the back. Haha.


Bathroom amenities include hotel slippers, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, cotton buds and floss, soap, cup, towels, and pumping shower gel and shampoo (which smells so nice!)

The Food

Breakfast was great! I love the food! They served a variety of food: bread, vegetables with meat, noodles, rice, hot porridge and condiments and my favorite SOUP haha. (check the photos)




SOUP!!! MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE, anytime anywhere! hahaha 🙂









Hot Porridge in the morning!!!! Mix it with pork yummy!!!! (see pic below)












CHECK THIS OUT: The hotel offers unlimited water, coffee, hot chocolate, soft drinks and apple juice! Plus eat-all-you-can bread. Hihi You’ll never go hungry here! J






Overall rating: Super satisfied!!! Check in and check out time was fast and hassle-free! I will definitely come back and recommend this hotel to everyone! 🙂

Have you stayed or considered this hotel? Tell me more about it! 🙂

Restaurant review: The Equinox

Restaurant: The Equinox


Location: 2 Stamford Road | Level 70, Equinox Complex, Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore 178882, Singapore

The scene

I love taking photos and told my friend that I wanted the best view of Singapore, so he booked us dinner for 2 here at The Equinox restaurant. This is a very classy place and the ambiance is just perfect – dim lights with candles on each table. It was also beautifully decorated and well-ventilated. The place is very cozy and comfortable too.


The service

When we arrived at the venue, we waited for the receptionist for about 4 minutes because she was entertaining some guests to their seats before us. My friend booked us window seats because that’s ultimately the best view ever! Oh, that’s an additional S$20 too!

Service was pretty good. The waitress was attentive and would frequently ask us if we still need anything. The servers would give us bread rolls while we waited for our meals. ( we were so FULL after the second meal ;D )

The food

Food was really great! I love everything about it! I could still remember telling my friend, “OMG, this is so good.” , “This is so delicious!” or “ The Black Truffle Butter is the best!!!”

Here’s what we ordered:



Wagyu Tataki, Bonito Braised-Turnips, Grilled Leeks, Truffle Ponzu Scallop

Main Course:


Sea Bass, Cooked in Paper Bark, Saltbush Gremolata, Baby Vegetables

Seared Scallop, Mussel and Broad Beans Minestrone, Calamari, Chervil Oil

From The Grill:

Creekstone, Grain Fed Prime Angus, U.S.D.A 28 Day Aged – 225g Tenderloin

The Sauce:

Black Truffle Butter (THIS IS THE BEST. I highly recommend you try this)

The Side:

Steamed Broccolini with French Fries, Ginger, Garlic, Chilli


Sprite and Earl Grey tea

Do the math: Additional charges – Miscellaneous + 10% Service Charge + 7% GST

The price

Very expensive but so worth it! Go give it a try! *wink*

The dress code

Remember it’s a classy restaurant, so please wear semi-formal attire.

Overall rating: I give this restaurant a 10/10!

Given the chance, I would definitely go back here! This place has the best view of Singapore especially at night! You would see The Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, The Esplanade, etc in all their glory! Hahaha.


Of course, don’t forget to bring your trusty camera and take lots of great photos!

Nothing but great memories! 🙂

I can’t thank my friend enough for bringing me here! He made one of my dreams come true!

Thanks for reading my review!

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See you! ❤

She has it all

She’s been there all the time. Her famous smile unwavering. Her stare, oh so captivating! Maybe you need to take a shot or two.. Or maybe more.. to show your everyone back home that you’ve seen the most visited, most parodied work of art, and most talked about painting in The Louvre. You put up your camera and started to shoot. (heads of other tourists pops into view) Uhh excuse me, I need to get closer. No flash please!

Ah yes! That’s Mona Lisa, the half-painted portrait of a woman by non other than Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian artist. Bravo Maestro! 🙌

I was blessed to be able to visit the majestic Louvre in Paris and of course, Mona Lisa was on my itinerary! 

Selfie with Mona Lisa. Perfect shot. No one beside me. No hands, head or any other body part of tourists in this photo. Hahaha. Successful selfie indeed.  

Compared to other huge paintings inside the Louvre, Mona Lisa’s portrait was just small and of course, heavily guarded… You have been warned. 

Anyway, very interesting portrait. Had a wonderful experience too!💁

So JAPANice!


During Easter Sunday, our family went to TANABE, a Japanese restaurant in Malate, for lunch to have bonding and to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! I wasn’t able to take photos of the restaurant inside because I was so excited to take photos of the food we ordered! How will you know if a Japanese restaurant is authentic? Check out the customers! Most of their customers are real Japanese!!! Need I say more? 😄

Get ready for scrumptious Japanese dishes in 3..2..1
But wait! Posting my solo photo first! Hahaha











I’ve been craving for Japanese food these days -I think its preparing me for something!!!! And even if eating makes me chubby (hahaha) I still went on and visited YABU: The House of Katsu at Robinson’s Magnolia with my dad and brother.

Here’s what we ordered:

Menchi Katsu Set (see photo below for details)


Hire and Seafood Katsu Set






I enjoyed Yabu’s delicious food because the meat they serve are really good! Its soft, juicy and tender!! Whenever I eat at restaurants or even at home, I prefer the meat to be soft and tender as ALWAYS.. Or else I won’t eat them. Haha

The best part is the miso soup, vegetables (my fave!), Japanese rice and fruits are all unlimited!!! Ask for more as long as you can take it!


Summer time!

Too hot? Craving for something cold this summer? When I heard that “riiiiiiiiiiing!!! Riiiingggg!!”, I quicky got a tray and zoomed out of the house. Hahaha. And shouted: “Manong!! Wait!!! Bibili ako!” (Mister!! Wait!!! I will buy some ice cream)

I am refering to the oh-so-yummy “dirty ice cream” as Filipinos called it.

Manong got strawberry, cheese and mango flavors for today! I would want some chocolate and cookies and cream next time! 😊

I ordered six P10 ice cream in a cup plus one P15 ice cream in a bread!

Too yummy for words! 😄







The No. 1 tourist destination!

Yes, it is Paris, France once again. I’m so happy to be able to visit 2013’s number 1 tourist destination! Such a beautiful, romantic city you never want to miss! ❤️

Paris continues to attract millions of visitors from all over the world a large number coming from Britain followed by Americans, Germans, Italians and the Chinese.

Its also the first time the Chinese top the list of tourists from Asia (beating the Japanese) with a whooping 881,000 visitors to Paris! Amazing haha. 🙂

Took this beautiful shot of the Eiffel Tower while on a bus tour. Recently discovered I have a talent in taking nice photos from the bus. Hahaha.


St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London taken near the Millenium Bridge.
Trivia: One famous UK group filmed one of their music videos here ❤


Shine on me

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me. Check out my beautiful view from PBTS Baguio City, Philippines! 🙂


Woke up early to exercise and have my daily dose of sunshine! Hello vitamin D! ☀️