Cherry blossoms 

Lovely cherry blossoms in my recent travel to Hokkaido, Japan. 😍💕🌸 

They are just too beautiful 🌸😍 
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The Romantic side of Nami Island

When I saw our South Korea itinerary, I was excited to visit Nami Island. Why? Coz Nami Island is one of the shooting location for the Korean show “Winter Sonata”. 

Winter Sonata is a South Korean television drama series broadcast by KBS in 2002. It is the second part of the Endless Love installment directed by Yoon Seok Ho. **

  Winter Sonata stars Choi Ji-woo and Bae Yong Joon**

This is said to be where their FIRST KISS took place.

FIRST KISS: This is it! Mwah! Mwah! **

 Wasn’t able to bring a boyfriend (HAHA. maybe next time) so I just made a heart. ❤ 

Cute scenes from the Winter Sonata drama.

Saw this poster beside a restaurant.

Nami Island should be visited during spring, autumn and winter for the different effects and surroundings! Look at the awesome photos there!!!

Would definitely be back one day:)

Photography by: Sarah May Tanhuanco

**some photos not mine: credits to owners 🙂 

The Beautiful Nami Island, South Korea

Nami Island was named after General Nami, a brave name from the Korean history who courageously fought in battles and died at the age of 27. in 1965, thousands of  trees were planted by the hands of Mr. Pyong – Do Minn.

The rain used to transform this place into an island. It is the land of songs and fairytales. The shape that is has right now has been kept since the construction of the Cheongpeong dam.

Nami Island today provides a warm place to rest, where people can take heavy loads off their shoulders. Men animals and trees share peace, love and harmony far away from the crowded civilization.

Philippine flag beside the South Korea flag! How awesome. 🙂

The ferry that will bring us to Nami Island. Travel time usually takes around 10-15 minutes. It was really a smooth ferry ride all the way.

Nami Island = UNICEF child friendly park

Tall beautiful trees growing in Nami Island.

Traveling is more fun when you take jump shots! Me and  my new found friend from the tour, Lorraine.  Enjoying the scenic view of Nami Island and jumping with joy! 😛

Koreans love riding bicycles, especially couples in their Korean shows – the guy pedals while the girl sits at the back. Awww so cuute. 🙂

Sky cycling

Korean sausages! YUM!!! 2000KW for a piece.

Lovely squirrel running around freely.

Cute ostrich. Meh so big and fluffy. LOL

Photography by: Sarah May Tanhuanco